Covid-19 Update – yes, we’re here!

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our services have had to change both in the office and in the home. While the office is still open, we are minimizing all contact by asking our guests to remain in their car and we will deliver the loan closet items to the vehicle (or just outside the door for you to grab). Our loan closet is still available (though we are really low on equipment, we still have most incontinence supplies) as is our resource library.

Our direct care volunteers are no longer going into homes, but they are checking in with their client families regularly to give support and encouragement. Unfortunately, because we are to shelter-in-place for the time being, we cannot provide our family caregivers with the respite services most have relied on. We are hoping to get back to that as soon as the State of Alaska and CDC believe it is safe to do so.

Online Grief Resources
With our office closures that also means that we are not currently hosting grief support groups or one on one support in the office. Our bereavement coordinator is still available by phone by appointment, just give us a call at 907.262.0453 and we will get that set up. We’ve also compiled a list of online resources for those who are working through their grief, or need extra support during this time of isolation. Please note that we are not affiliated with the programs/links listed below, however we use a great many materials from the authors and feel that they will give solid information to their readers. We do not endorse any product they may advertise.

David Kesslerwww.grief.com
Kessler is a well known author and speaker on Grief. During this time of social distancing, David Kessler has a FREE online grief support group on Facebook. This is a private group (though anyone is welcome to join) that focuses specifically on grief of the loss of a loved one. David goes LIVE to answer questions every day at 1pm Pacific Time.

Alan Wolfeltwww.centerforloss.com
We use a lot of Dr. Wolfelt’s materials in our grief support programs. There are many fantastic resources available through his website, and his blog has some wonderful tips for all kinds of grief – including Covid-19 related grief. We definitely recommend you take a look – and if you see a book you’re interested in give us a call, we most likely have a copy in our resource library.

Barbara Karneswww.bkbooks.com
We often refer to Barbara as the “Hospice Guru” around here. While most of her materials focus on death and the dying process, with a focus on Hospice workers and caregivers, Karnes’ blog is where she opens up to the reader to explain and support grief as well as dying. Barbara’s blog has several recent posts on how to cope with the social distancing as well as what this means for those facing the end-of-life alone during this pandemic.

Resources to help Cope with Social Distancing
While some of us may enjoy the quiet and solitude our current time of “shelter-in-place” brings, many struggle with the endless days of no physical interaction with another person. Even “loners” are finding Covid-19 to be a lonely time. We have a few links to share that may help you find a way to self-care during this time. To take care of those around us we must take care of ourselves first. Just like the pre-flight checklist tells us to first put the mask over our face before assisting the person seated next to us, we as caregivers/family need to take care of our well-being before helping care for another. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! If you need to chat/vent/bounce ideas off of someone/just breathe at someone you can give us a call in the office at 907.262.0453 or we can chat via Facebook – just visit our Facebook page and send us a message.

Central Peninsula General Hospital Self-Care Toolkit
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Things to do in quarantine: a guide to social distancing activities
Livestreams & Virtual Concerts to watch (Updating regularly)
Here’s what to read and stream for free during the pandemic

Covid-19 Informational Links
Here are links to local and federal government information that is updated as new information/mandates are released.

State of Alaska Coronavirus Page
CDC Covid-19 Page
Anchorage Daily News Novel Coronavirus Page
KTUU.com Coronavirus Page
Peninsula Clarion