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Caring Connections provides people with information and support when they are planning ahead, caring for a loved one, living with an illness or grieving a loss.

Something to Think About: a blog on the end-of-life is written by renowned Hospice practitioner Barbara Karnes (known in our office as the Hospice Guru). Karnes answers readers’ questions and addresses concerns many face at end-of-life and about Hospice care. The rest of her website contains resources on a number of Hospice and end-of-life related topics (check with our office as we have many of her books for loan out or to have, as with all of our services these resources are free to our community).

Advance Directives

Advance Directives are a vital part of health care. They give direction for loved ones and medical care providers making important decisions when you are otherwise incapable of advocating for yourself. This does not replace a Medical Power of Attorney, but rather helps guide the one(s) you put in charge to know exactly what you would like to have happen. Having your wishes known ahead of time brings about peace of mind for you as well as your loved ones.

Hospice of the Central Peninsula has partnered with Aging with Dignity to provide instruction and resources in the way of the Five Wishes program. Five Wishes is a simple 5 step advance directive that uses every day terminology so that you can be sure your wishes are clear and direct. Unlike many advance directives, Five Wishes goes into detail of your wishes on more than medical but also how you would like to be treated when you cannot vocalize your wishes. Five Wishes can also travel with you and be used in all 50 States.

Thanks to generous grants by organizations in the community including the Kenai Peninsula Foundation, a part of the Alaska Community Foundation, we are able to supply individuals, organizations, and medical offices with free copies of the Five Wishes booklet.

We are also available to speak to your group about the Five Wishes program and walk you through filling out the booklet. Contact our office by phone [907.262.0453] or shoot us an email for more information, or to request a booklet/presentation. Booklets are available in English, Spanish, Russian, and Tagalog.

To view a sample copy of the Five Wishes booklet, click here.